The presence of light may do more than merely allow for sight.  Scientifically, light impacts important brain functions.  Metaphorically, we believe

art installation with light in background


• Crows eating fireworks, Craftworks, Seattle

• Lights in Alingsås 2016, Alingsås, Sweden

• Hyatt Lobby Mural Art Lighting, San Diego, CA – with Dillonworks

• Stanford Lobby Art Lighting, Stanford, CA – with NBBJ

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From small sculptural lighted artworks to large immersive environments, temporary installations to permanent, the use of light as an artistic medium can engage the senses.

Dynamic | Projected | Luminous | Tangible

architectural features of research lab


• Riverpoint Science Building, Washington State University, Spokane, WA – with NBBJ

• LS Skaggs Pharmacy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT – with NBBJ

• Knight Cancer Research Building, Portland, OR – with SRG and Luma (in construction)

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Laboratory spaces and research facilities require highly specialized lighting considerations.  Inspirational and functional; the goal is the work.

wall of billings courthouse with federal seal


• Billings Federal Courthouse, Billings, MT – with NBBJ

• Beijing National Convention Center, Beijing, China – with NBBJ

• Boeing Safety and Promotion Center, Everett, WA – with Miller-Hull and Luma (in construction)

• Paul Barret Jr. Library, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN – with Shepley Bulfinch and FMSP

• Moscow Central Transportation Terminal, Moscow, Russia – with NBBJ

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In public spaces like courthouses, libraries, stadiums, convention centers, airports and museums, light brings grandeur, identity, and focus.

pillar supporting outdoor roof


• Eastgate Courtyard, Eastgate, WA – with JPC and Luma

• Billings Federal Courthouse, Billings, MT – with NBBJ

• NuSkin Headquarters, Provo, UT – with NBBJ

• Tudor Center Trust Site Lighting, Anchorage, AK – with NBBJ

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Mostly exterior projects – landscaped areas, gardens, signage elements, and monumental features benefit from the use of light as a sculptural medium, applied to reveal form at night, or as a means for messaging.

door of healthcare facility with room number


• University of Washington Medical Center South Tower Expansion, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ 

• Palo Alto Medical Foundation, San Carlos, CA – with NBBJ

• University Medical Center, New Orleans, LA – with NBBJ

• St. Joseph Peace Health ED, Imaging, Blood Draw, Pharmacy and Clinical Labs, Bellingham, WA – with NBBJ

• Chase Brexton Health Care, Baltimore, MD – with NBBJ

• Children’s Hospital Orange County, Orange, CA – with NBBJ

• Valley Medical Center, Covington, WA – with NBBJ

• Swedish Orthopedic Institute, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

• Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, OH – with NBBJ

• South Central Foundation PCCIII, Anchorage, AK – with NBBJ

• Overlake Hospital South Campus Expansion, Bellevue, WA – with NBBJ

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Hospitals, outpatient facilities, clinics, specialty procedure suites – the lighting in such spaces should not feel institutional.  Not just an assessment of visual acuity and functional performance, the design of lighting in healthcare environments requires the utmost care and creativity.  Human health and healing are impacted by light.

corporate building interior


Google Seattle Headquarters Block 25, Seattle WA – with Mithun

Tableau Data 1, Seattle WA – with Gensler

• Tableau Northedge, Seattle, WA – with Gensler and Luma

• Google projects, Various locations – with NBBJ, Mithun

• Starbucks 83 King Street offices, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

• Suning Headquarters, Nanjing, China – with NBBJ

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Projects designed for single users, either by tenant improvement or single-purpose new construction, require a lighting experience guided by preference and vision, and an objective design approach.

lobby of a commercial office with man walking past


• 1201 3rd Avenue Lobby Renovation, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

• 7th and Madison, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

• McKinstry Incubator Space, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

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Developer driven projects, multi-use speculative projects, shell & core projects, etc. often aim to achieve optimized building performance and sustainable viability through efficient, cost-driven lighting specification.

facade of building with high architectural design


• Yanlord Chengdu, Chengdu, China – with NBBJ

• Capital City, Moscow, Moscow, Russia – with NBBJ

• Microsoft Research and Development Headquarters, Beijing, China – with NBBJ

• Abdul Aziz Al-Babtain Cultural WAQF, Kuwait – with NBBJ

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Exterior façades, projections, specialty treatments for distance viewing and integrated lighting solutions have the potential to bring something special to an urban environment.

teacher lecturing to students in science lab


• LACCD Mission College, San Bernadino, CA – with NBBJ

• Center for Science and Innovation, USF, San Francisco, CA – with NBBJ

• New Door Ventures, San Francisco – with NBBJ

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In teaching facilities, daylight and electric lighting play symbiotic roles in providing comfortable illumination for low-distraction environments.

hotel lobby with dangling light fixtures


St. Mary-on-the-Lake Peace & Spirituality Center renovation, Bellevue, WA – with Mithun

• Intercontinental Hotel, Beijing, China – with NBBJ

• Cleveland Clinic Glickman Chapel, Cleveland, OH – with NBBJ

• Retail storefront, Seattle, WA – with Gensler

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Hotels, restaurants, retail… compelling and sometimes luxurious spaces where the quality of light may be overtly noticeable, requiring the utmost care and detailing.

interior of residential kitchen with ocean view


• Haiku House, San Francisco, CA – with Shed Architecture

• The Bunkhouse, Cashmere, WA – with Shed Architecture

• Private Residence, Seattle, WA – with Shed Architecture

• Horizon House, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

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Living spaces, houses, and art collections are especially important to those who occupy and enjoy such spaces.  Lighting, an environmental treatment eliciting subjective response, must be focused on the needs of the individual.

exterior of a building's window with bars


• LSUAMC Central Utility Plant, New Orleans, LA – with Blitch Knevel Architects, Inc

• NuSkin Parking Garage, Provo, UT – with NBBJ

• Southwest Washington Medical Center Utility Plant, Vancouver, WA – with NBBJ

• Denny Substation, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ (in construction)

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Central utility plants, treatment facilities, parking, and power stations – such spaces can have a positive impact on their environments, and/or be a canvas for creativity.

accent lighting in a theater


• PACCAR Eames IMAX renovation, Seattle, WA – with NBBJ

• Tooner Field at Turner Field, Atlanta, GA – with Dillonworks

• Mohegan Sun Casino Phase II Planetarium Dome Lighting, Uncasville, CT – with Rockwell Group and FMSP

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Theatres, cinema, casinos, performance venues, themed environments, zoos, aquariums – all spaces where there are two sides to every story.  The magic may lie in what we humans don’t see.

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